Why skin care is important?
4 reasons why!

especially for teens!

“Ugh! A pimple?! Not again”

One of the countless complaints that you would spill at least once in your sweet teenage life, haven’t you!, that’s the reason why skin care is important!

You wake up in the morning to see your BEAUUUUTIFUL smile in your mirror (well, an exceptional case where a loud,freaking alarm is not involved ) and you walk to the mirror and— OH NOOOO, A PIMPLE ! 

Okay okay…I know how you feel my angel. I’m not gonna brag the frustration. But let me tell you about the silver line. YOU CAN GET RID OF ALL THESE FREAKING MATTERS!!! Yes, you heard it RIGHT!

Well I’m not talking about being the QUEEN-BEE but HOW WOULD IT FEEL WHEN HAVE THE PERFECT SKIN! Who doesn’t want to show up with a beautiful skin?!

It only takes few changes in your daily life!

Here’s why you need to take good care of your skin as earlier as possible,

1. Sooner the better

The sooner you start your skincare routine the later you will get wrinkles and signs of aging.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend starting a regular skincare routine which fits your skin type as earlier as possible

For teenagers like YOU and ME this may help maintain a healthy skin while reducing the chances of getting wrinkles, spots and scars!

Cause then you will not cry in your 30’S

Why skin care is important?4 reasons why!, autotionary/BEAUTY

2. It will make you walk with confidence

A good skin is of course give you a lot of SELFCONFIDENCE!

I know you don’t wanna to show up with a random acne for a college interview or a high school talent show!

Not even for the regular Math period. I know  you wanna to walk like the CELEB ON A RED-CARPET!  So yeah, good skin is the key!

autotionary beauty, why is skin care important! confidence

3. You don't want to be commented about your acne problem in a family gathering

One of the scariest things about YOUR LIFE is you are going to be subjected to lots of COMMENTING!.

None of us needs our aunts to comment on your skin health or that tiny little acne popping out of your skin!

Being compared to your beautiful cousin is even worse. (I know, I know it’s the worst  )

But a regular skincare routine will keep you from a lot of stress and besides who can comment on your acne when you don’t have any?

Why skin care is important?4 reasons why!, autotionary/BEAUTY

4. It will improve your mental health

autotionary beauty, why is skin care important!.mental health

Good skin makes you happy! Yes, it does. Imagine looking in the mirror to see your radiant, glowing skin, how will it feel?!

Such an awesome feeling. Confidence and mental health goes hand-in-hand. Good skin will boost your confidence and confidence will boost your overall mental health and your attitude towards yourself too.

Not only, but also when someone pays you enormous compliment on your glowing skin you are going be so much happier than ever. (I know you love it.)

5. It affects your overall health

autotionary beauty, why is skin care important!.over all health

After all, your skin is the biggest organ of your body and also it is the most visible organ. Skin saves you. But who saves skin?

Definitely you gotta do that! Skin is subjected to numerous different damages due to increasing pollution and harmful ultraviolet radiations emitted by the sun.

Not only, but also you gotta know that your lovely skin is internally damaged by the stress due to busy schedules and chemicals contained in the processed food and unhealthy lifestyle, beware my angel!


Skin is doing a lot for you. For you and your body. So do something for skin too. Give it some attention and give it what it deserves. As you read above, I remind you again,

Having a regular skincare routine at early teenage is definitely going to change your whole life and sticking to a new skincare routine is always a plot-twist.

So all of you teenies out there, take it seriously and do it right! love you a lot, stay beautiful angels!

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