the Tesla Roadster 2020.

Why you should buy it!

Fastest and the quickest electric car TESLA ROADSTER,this young  speedster jumping off the line giving goosebumps to the ultimate speed legends of all time.  

0-60 mph

In just

1.9 seconds !

Special features that make the ROADSTER awesome! why you should buy  this,

  • Best price or the performance and elegance. 250,000$USD !
  • Being a 4 seater family vehicle.
  •  Quarter mile action of 8.8 seconds!
  •  Comes  with a glass convertible soft top.

performance and efficiency

Being a full electric speedster, Roadster leads the potential of aerodynamic engineering with record setting performance and efficiency. By an engine powered by 3 motors and a dry cell of 200-kWh that could hold up to 1000 km/ 620 miles, the roadster can achieve a top speed of 250 MPH and it claims for a quarter mile action of high 8s and very low 9s that makes him stand tall in the list of Top 10 Of Fastest Cars In The World with the other petrol headed beasts.
This car is no offense to be the best electric car of all time produced by Tesla motors, when compared to the world fastest car mighty BUGATTI CHIRON SUPERSPORT which has a tremendous engine capacity and extremely high cost, takes 2.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 MPH with a 1,479 hp 8L Quad turbo W16 engine .comparing the engine, price  and acceleration , the sporty roadster will only 17% of the output power, 9% of the price is able to jump off the line faster than ever.


Tesla’s elegant interior design is made almost to be free of buttons, in the up coming concepts the interior will consist of a large touch panel bringing automobile interior design to the next level. The new tesla design show off a new element by letting the driver stow up the glass top into the trunk! 
The youngest member of the car production family proved to the best of the best using no pistons, no gasoline ,but 3 motors and a powerful dry cell to give you the best affordable ride.  SO THE SPORTY TESLA ROADSTER IS THE FASTEST AND THE MOST AFFORDABLE AND QUICKEST CAR YET BUILT!
Inside the new Tesla Roadster, to all car lovers
Tesla T symbol,, for the extreme car lovers

The fact is proven that tesla is the best electric speedster yet standing!