New koenigsegg car! the MIGHTY JESKO 2020!

lets talk about only the special thing of the mighty JESKO which the legendary ming s of the minds of the KOENIGSEGG minds!

After the mighty CCR took on the McLaren F1 in 2014 with a V8 twin turbo engine with a output of 1,360 hp, Koenigsegg with their revolutionary behavior ,didn’t stop breaking records, gave birth to their MEGACAR , KOENIGSEGG JESKO 2020



 The new koenigsegg car, mighty JESKO is powered by a V8 powered turbo engine with the lightest crank shaft in the world which weighs only 12.5 kilos with super light pistons and  connecting rods lets it rave upto 85000 rpm.


And the 9 speed multi clutch transmission called LTS (light speed transmission) with the UPOD( Ultimate Power On Demand) technology to give out a split second shift at high speed the rear wheel turns with the front wheel to give the best cornering to excel on track.

interior design

The interior stacked with materials  which make the ride luxury like, leather, alcantara, carbon fibre, aluminium and glass. They are built around a carbon fibre seat shell to be extra light. The super comfortable electrically operated sport bucket seat’s make is chosen by the customer to be leather or alcantara, with a massive collection of colours  and contrast options.  Drivers can the choose the best driving position by adjusting their seat position with the fully adjustable steering wheel, and the experience is totally relatable to a COCKPIT ! 

Golden moments of the JESKO!

JESKO top gearing test!

Ultimate speed test in NEVADA!

Battle of speed Legends!