the Nissan GT-R Godzilla!

lets talk about the facts you might have not known about this Japanese legend, the oddest member of the supercar family GTR Godzilla .

Being the most odd member of the super car family ,GTR Godzilla is known to be the fastest RWD heavy weighted super-car ,as it weighs 1.7 tons with its aluminium body(Nismo edition consist of carbon fiber parts) and can take 4 people at a time, and with a shape of a domestic car with less detailing  ,but with more aerodynamics making less drag than the Ferrari 488 with a Cd scale of 0.324  thrilling speed witch excels in quarter mile action with high 9’s and very low 10’s which took this car to win many events in the best drivers car events ,for instance. But are those the things that make the GT-R special? lets talk about facts that really makes this car special, and how GTR Godzilla got its name?

1.performance on snow!

Snowing outside? looking for your SUV keys cause your car might skid? not a problem at all if you’ve got a GT-R in your garage! As the R35 gives you the best experience in snow unlike all the other high class SUVs, thanks to it’s improved rear wheel based ALL WHEEL DRIVE system, the Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All-terrain, the ATTESA  which was introduce first to the  RNU12 BLUEBRIRD, and the ATTESA with Electronic Torque Split (E-TS) to the R33 and finally the ATTESA E-TS PRO allows the GT-R to split the torque evenly on the wheels and updates the speed of the rear wheels to the rear wheel sensor 1000 times per second! to control the wheels individually to give the best comfortable safe ride on a snowy day! 

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see the GT-R snow test!

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2.The representation of the Japanese culture.

“The GT-R is unique because it is not simply a copy of a European designed supercar,It had to really reflect the unique Japanese culture.”
-Shiro Nakamura (Chief Creative Officer, Nissan)

Gundam anime and the GT-R

The executives of the Nissan GT_R likes to relate the GT_R with the famous anime series ,”Gundam Robots” As it was said, the high performance square shaped body and the vents are mostly influenced by those robots. On the other hand, this is know to be an iconic feature used by Nissan on the GT-R to represent the Japanese culture on wheels!

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why is the GT-R called "Godzilla"

Godzilla, the 1998 movie monster destroying cities , but why did a car get that name , lets find out.

Firstly, the name “Godzilla” was  given to the Nissan GT-R R32 in reward of the domination of all 29 races of the FIA’s group A event .Moreover, because of this outstanding performance on the event,an Australian magazine reporter named this car the “Godzilla” as a result of his excitement .

And it’s also told that this name was given because it was on-line competing with all the other  supercar giants, Porsche, Aston Martin ,Ferrari and many more!

Further, the culture is continued by passing on the nickname from R32 to R35!

Nissan GT-R R32
Nissan GT-R R35

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the fantastic 4 of the GT-R

All the things about the GT-R is fascinating but, did you know that the Nissan GT-R engine block is made by 4 men, ONLY 4 MEN! The Nissan GT-R engine is manufactured in the  Kaminokawa engine plant in Tochigi, Japan by the four craftsman of the GT-R is known as the Takumi, and Nissan makes sure that all 4 men have 100 years of work experience combined. And they only take 3 hours to build the facinating VR38 twin turbo engine ,which limits the production of this into only 1000 units per month.

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