Fastest car in the world! Middle East Beast!

Bugatti Chiron, Hennessey F5, and GT , Koenigsegg Jesko, and Agera were the known speed legends, but a middle east start-up company bringing the FASTEST was nothing but a dream until the DEVEL 16 hits the road dragging down with 5000 hp! With the minds of Paolo Garella!.

the top speed record , breaking 350 mph!​

how does the DEVEL got that speed?

  Inside devel 16 engine!

The Devel Sixteen is a production of the Middle East automobile producer Devel giving the rider experience of a fighter jet taking off from 0-60 mph in just 1.8-second s of time with its fire breathing 12.3l V16 Quad turbo which is a unique design of the Devel auto company, letting it reach a top speed of 350mph! giving out an output of 5000hp! thanks to the chief engineer Paolo Garella!.who was also the engineer of  SCG 003 and Apollo IE.

The devel 16 price!

The devel foundation offers the buyer 3 different models of the DEVEL 16,

    •  The LS v8 model powered by a Steve Morris engine, with 1500 hp that cost 1.6 million$


    • The V16 model with 3000hp for the next price 1.8 million$


  • The ultimate model with the the revolutionary V16 500,7 hp,the best model for a price if 2.2 million $
devel 16 the middle east beast,, for the extreme car lovers

the interor design!

unlike the revolutionary speed of the Devel ,the interior design shows a primitive entrance to the hypercar field when comparing with the other legends of the ground.