#Chapter 1#

Welcome you all to the autotionary/AUTO latest feature, THE AUTO NEWS #Chapter 1#, to all the car fans to dive deeper and deeper. Lying on our tradition to always keep it short and simple once again we brought you only the most interesting auto news in a nutshell, let's go down and see what's up for Chapter one of AUTO NEWS!

Auto News on this chapter!

.The Devel 16 , is it a real road car?

.Can Jesko turn her rear wheels for cornering!

.Is the Nissan GT-R pure Japanese?

Is devel 16 a real road car?

Is Devel 16 just a concept!
With the shocking arrival of this car, Devel 16 out of nowhere and claiming for the world’s fastest car throne, showing off its V16 5000 HORSEPOWER engine and alsofor320+ mph top-speed! Is this REAL or FAKE?

No offense that this beast can be furiously fast, but not only the speed that makes an exotic car, get the name EXOTIC, but various factors also matter in this case not only SPEED!

Looking at the exotic neighborhood Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and all the other neighboring exotics members have shown their imperial dignity, in and out, track and
road in every aspect possible, which they have excelled!
But Devel,
let’s talk about it, the PROS and CONS.
It’s a fact that, to be exotic factors like Speed, interior design, aerodynamics, comfort, price, and many other criterias matters, but compared to the legends who have been keeping up their
exotic throne, what does the devel has?

devel 16 the middle east beast,, for the extreme car lovers


As the Devel 16 claims for the 320+mph top-speed, with its 5000+ hp fire breathing engine, the fact is that this version IS NOT A ROAD CAR! The 5000 hp version of the Devel 16 is a track-only automobile, and to know about the other road suitable versions and the review, click the button below!

So here we are, can it be considered as the world’s fastest road car, you decide! In my opinion, this car should compete with the F1s’, not the EXOTICS!

However, considering the engine capacity and aerodynamics of Devel, it’s a fact that it can reach 320+ mph by burning her TIRES faster than GAS!


interior design

The devel 16 shows a very primitive interior which not even close to the designs of its neighborhood. Color blending and the high-end finishing that we see in other exotics are not be seen in this car, maybe the Devel’s manufacturers only care about SPEED and PERFORMACE! I’ve seen an old golf that has a better interior except for the multifunction steering wheel.

overall this car is not a production car at all, and no closer to the legend of the exotic family, but a furiously fast toy made by a RICH BOY, with an exhaust like a jet plane!✈

Is it true that the jesko can turn its rear wheels too!

The answer is YES!
Talking about Koenigsegg history,
After the mighty CCR took on the McLaren F1 in 2014 with a V8 twin-turbo engine with an output of 1,360 hp, Koenigsegg with their revolutionary behavior didn’t stop breaking records, gave birth to their MEGA-CAR,


Koenigsegg Jesko Genf 2019 1Y7A5551,, for the extreme car lovers

The 9-speed multi-clutch transmission, the
LTS (light speed transmission) system to give out a split second shift and the UPOD( Ultimate Power On Demand) technology make this car special other  than the superfast quarter-mile records, and talking about the fact at high speed Jesko turns her rear wheels with the front wheel to give the best cornering to excel on track!

Koenigsegg Jesko, GIMS 2019, Le Grand-Saconnex (GIMS0810)

IS the Nissan GT-R really Japanese?

Being oddest member of the supercar familyGTR Godzilla is known to be the fastest RWD heavy weighted super-car, as it weighs 1.7 tons with its aluminum body(Nismo edition consist of carbon fiber parts) and can take 4 people at a time, and with a shape of a domestic car with less detailing, but with more aerodynamics making less drag than the Ferrari 488 with a Cd scale of 0.324  thrilling speed witch excels in quarter-mile action with high 9’s and very low 10’s which took this car to win many events in the best drivers car events! 

But is the GT-R pure Japanese?
Using the name GT-R it’s mostly referred to the    R-35, and definitely not for the new Japanese-Italian baby, the R-50!😒,
With all due respect to the GT-R engineers, it a fact that the GT-R’s Engine A.K.A
heart is pure Japanese made, but is the body? ,Sunday review of nissan gtr r35 2020

would you buy this GT-R!


YES! this is how the R-35 was before the 10 years of working on the ultimate project that we see now.


It’s pretty clear that if the R-35 had this look it’s production would be lower than the BLUE BIRD!
Coming back to the subject, the R-35 body is not a pure Japanese cause it’s back was designed in the USA and the roof-line in EUROPE.
but forget about the body, only the heart matters💕,and we all still love the GT-R A.K.A Godzilla!

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